Psychology of Music



The Psychology of Music

Diana Deutsch, editor
Academic Press, Third Edition, 2013, pp xvii + 765 ISBN-10: 012381460X
ISBN-13: 978-0123814609 


When the first edition of The Psychology of Music was published in 1982, this interdisciplinary field was in its infancy. The book, which drew together the diverse and scattered literature that had accumulated over the previous decade, was written by a group of visionaries from different areas of scholarship – psychologists, neuroscientists, engineers, music theorists and composers – who were committed to establishing this new discipline. During the years since the first edition was published, the field has expanded rapidly, particularly during the last decade, and these advances are reflected in the present (3rd) edition, which was published in 2013. This edition, which was written by internationally renowned experts in their subfields, presents the most recent and the best findings and theory to date.  

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1 The Perception of Musical Tones
Andrew J.Oxenham
2 Musical Timbre Perception
Stephen McAdams
3 Perception of Singing
Johan Sundberg
4 Intervals and Scales
William FordeThompson
5 Absolute Pitch
Diana Deutsch
6 Grouping Mechanisms in Music
Diana Deutsch
7 The Processing of Pitch Combinations
Diana Deutsch
8 Computational Models of Music Cognition
David Temperley
9 Structure and Interpretation of Rhythm in Music
Henkjan Honing
10 Music Performance: Movement and Coordination
Caroline Palmer
11 Musical Development
Laurel J. Trainor and Erin E. Hannon
12 Music and Cognitive Abilities
E. Glenn Schellenberg and Michael W. Weiss
13 The Biological Foundations of Music: Insights from Congenital Amusia
Isabelle Peretz
14 Brain Plasticity Induced by Musical Training
Catherine Y. Wan and Gottfried Schlaug
15 Music and Emotion
Patrik N. Juslin and John A. Sloboda
16 Comparative Music Cognition: Cross-Species and Cross-Cultural Studies
Aniruddh D. Patel and Steven M. Demorest
17 Psychologists and Musicians: Then and Now
Robert O. Gjerdingen

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