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AAAS Volunteers Spark Interest in the Science Behind Our Five Senses - Andrea Korte, AAAS,April,2018

When Does Speech Become Music? - BBC World Service,April,2018

The speech to song illusion - BBC World Service,June,2018

Sounds sometimes behave so strangely. - Interview with Georgia Mills, Naked Scientists, BBC and ABC,April,2018

Perfect Pitch - Radio Health Journal,June,2017

Music is not for ears - Aeon,November,2017

Do Musicians Make Better Language Learners? - Psychology Today,July,2017

Os três pequenos Mozart da rua Esperança - Brasil El País,November,2017

El oído absoluto y las lenguas tonales - Cuaderno De Cultura Científica,Jul,2017

2017 : What Scientific Term or Concept Ought to be More Widely Known? - Diana Deutsch, Edge,April,2017

Giỏi âm nhạc nhờ học tiếng Việt - Trung? (Vietnamese are Good at Learning Music) - Cat Tuong, Gia đình/Telegraph,December,2016

Domestic Science, with Matt Parker, Steve Mould and Helen Arney. Episode 1 - BBC Radio 4,July,2016

Prince im Sommer der Legenden auf radioeins, Interview with Knut Elstermann - Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb),August,2016

Musikalisch den richtigen Ton treffen -,January,2016

AAAS Volunteers Present "Science of the Senses" at USA Science & Engineering Festival - Andrea Korte, AAAS,May,2016

How the orchestra is arranged by the biology of the brain - Richard Kunert, Aeon,April,2016

3 ảo giác âm thanh chắc chắn bạn chưa bao giờ được biết (3 audio hallucinations you never knew) - Theo J / Trí Thức Trẻ, KENH 14,April,2016

Wenn Der Sound Trügt - Audioversum,January,2016

Das absolute Gehör wohnt in China - NDR Kultur,January,2016

Stefan Kleins Wissenschaftsgespräche - Copyright Stefan Klein 2015, Die Zeit Magazin (Germany),January,2016

The strangest sounds in the world - David Robson, BBC,April,2015

SYLLABLE VARIATIONS (2015) - Sarah Rara and Luke Fischbeck, The Enemy,Vol II. No. II,2015

The Stealthy Sounds of Cocktail Parties - 3 Quarks Daily,October,2015

What is Perfect Pitch Anyway? - Michael Levine,,November,2015

Listen To The Tritone Paradox, An Auditory Illusion - Curiosity,December,2015

#LDOnda: ¿Por qué gusta la canción del verano? - Naukas,October,2015

Reworked version of Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas Is You tricks the brain into hearing her voice - Kashmira Gander, The Independent,December,2015

How trippy version of Mariah Carey Christmas hit fools the brain - Aviva Rutkin, New Scientist,December,2015

Discover the auditory illusion that makes Tchaikovsky’s sixth symphony sound so good - Matthew Parsons, CBC Music,April,2015

15-28 Segment 1: Perfect Pitch - Reed Pence, Radio Health Journal,July,2015

These Sounds Will Confuse Your Brain - Alex Kasprak, BuzzFeed,September,2015

Vuoi scoprire quanto il tuo cervello è lateralizzato? Fallo con l’illusione dell’ottava -,September,2015

Scientific Discovery: Rare Whistling Language Offers Researchers Unique Insight Into Communication - International Business Times,August,2015

The Power of the Human Voice - BBC World Service,July,2015

E se quello che sentiamo non fosse reale? - Linkiesta,May,2015

Dillo un altra volta (ovvero perché la ripetizione in musica è così importante) -,April,2015

Hearing Is Our Least Trustworthy Sense - Orion Jones, Big Think,April,2015

Sumérgete en el extraño mundo de las ilusiones auditivas - David Robson, BBC Mundo,May,2015

¿Pueden creerle a sus oídos? Estás ilusiones auditivas te demostraran que no - Sopitas,April,2015

The strangest sounds in the world - David Robson, BBC Future,April,2015

Diana Deutsch: Jak nasze emocje, doświadczenia i myśli wpływają na odbiór muzyki? - Katarzyna Paluch, Tygodnik Powszechny (Poland),March,2015

The Elastic Brain - Rebecca Boyle, Aeon,February,2015

Thủ thuật "đánh lừa não bộ" bằng hiệu ứng âm thanh - ,March,2014

Believing Your Ears: Probing the Brain through Musical Illusion: A conversation with Diana Deutsch - Ideas Roadshow,September,2014

Can You Trust Your Ears? (Audio Illusions) - Asap Science, May,2014

Some Science Behind Singing - Matt Bilyard, Bang! The Oxford Scientist Magazine (UK),November,2014

¿Es el tono perfecto cuestión de genética? - Health Day,October,2014

Rovarszárnyak éneke - Bacsadi Zsófia, Magyar Narancs,October,2014

Ovale Fenster: Ein Hirnwettlauf im Allerhorbarsten - RTV Radio (Serbia),October,2014

The Song of Insect Wings - Zsofia Bacsadi, Magyar Narancs (Hungary),October,2014

The Human Zoo, Interview with Michael Blastand - BBC Radio 4,July,2014

These Auditory Illusions Are Absolutely Bewildering - Robert T. Gonzalez, io9,May,2014

Language and Tone - Susan Scutti , Medical Daily,January,2014

Audio Illusions Prove Your Hearing May Not Be As Good As You Thought - Janissa Delzo, Medical Daily,June,2014

The science of audio illusions, or fooling people's ears - Esther Inglis-Arkell, io9,February,2014

Play it again, Sam! Pourquoi nous voulons chaque fois entendre - Arnaud Lefebvre, Express (France),March,2014

One more time: Why do we listen to our favourite music over and over again? Because repeated sounds work magic in our brains - Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis, Aeon,March,2014

How often does speech turn into song? - Esther Inglis-Arkell, io9,March,2014

Auditory Illusions: A Tour of Tricky Sounds - Jose Drost-Lopez, Psych Talk,January,2013

Hallucinations auditives - France Culture (France),April,2013

Entretien avec Diana Deutsch chercheur - Radio France (France),April,2013

The psychology of a second listen - Charlie McCarron, Minnesota Public Radio,November,2013

Hinh - Von Marianne Wendt und Christian Schiller, Deutschlandradio,December,2013

Creative voices come to Cleveland - The Cleveland Stater,June,2013

Absoluut Gehoor: Lust of last - Hieke van Hoogdalem, Akkoord Magazine (Netherlands),July,2013

BBC Radio 4 documentary "Out of the Ordinary |Rorschach Audio - Art & Illusion for Sound" - Jolyon Jenkins, BBC Radio 4,March ,2013

BBC Archive on Four on Radiolab - Judith Kampfner, BBC Radio 4,April ,2013

Musical illusions-Radiolab - Brenna Farrell, Radiolab,May,2013

The Sounds of a Mystery - Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim, The New York Times,April,2013

Review of The Psychology of Music, Third Edition - Classical Net,February,2013

El sentido de la musica - Eduardo Punset, Redes 271 (Barcelona, Spain),April,2012

New Study Ties Perfect Pitch to Genetics - Choral Director,October,2012

Dr. Diana Deutsch, University of California, San Diego - Genetics of Perfect Pitch - Bradley Cornelius, Academic Minute, WAMC, Northeast Public Radio,November,2012

Sorry, music lessons can't teach perfect pitch - Meghan Holohan, The Body Odd, NBC News,October,2012

Is Perfect Pitch Genetic? - MedlinePlus,October,2012

Perfect Pitch: Knowing the Note may be in your Genes - Science Daily,October,2012

Perfect pitch: Knowing the note may be in your genes - e! Science News,October,2012

Can't sing in key? It may be that no amount of music lessons can help: Perfect pitch is 'all in the genes' - Daily Mail (UK),October,2012

Perfect Pitch Mystery: Research Shows The Note May Be In Your Genes - Huffington Post,October,2012

Perfect pitch may be genetic: study - Yahoo! News,October,2012

Is Perfect Pitch Genetic? - U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Office of Minority Health,October,2012

Perfect pitch may be genetic - Health24,October,2012

El "tono perfecto" puede venir en los genes - Yahoo! Noticias,October,2012

Les illusions auditives - AgoraVox,April,2012

Sang och musik i svenskundervisningen - Maria Kapla and Johannes Stahlberg, Svenska institutet,April,2012

Interruptions #4, Bregman/Deutsch Chimaera - Florian Hecker, RWM Radio Web Macba,February,2012

Musicality of Speech: Spoken Melody - Hearing Voices (National Public Radio).,February,2012

Ovale Fenster - Radioplay, Southwest German Radio,March,2012

Tala i toner - Spraktidningen,December,2011

Between Speech and Song - Temma Ehrenfeld, APS Observer,24,December,2011

Episode 25 - Two words. sounds like. auditory illusions - Dr. Andi Horvath, Museum Victoria podcast,October,2010

Auditory Illusions - Nicholson, Christie, Scientific American Podcast,April,2010

The Music of Language [Audio Slideshow] - Wickelgren, Ingrid, Scientific American,July/August,2010

More than words - David Rothenberg, The Guardian (UK),May,2009

Freaky news about your brain may change your mind - Elizabeth Landau, CNN Health,August,2009

Words into a song: the illusion of the brain? (in Chinese) - Chinese Academy of Audiology,May,2009

The Ears Have It - Charlotte Gardner, BBC Magazine,July,2009,37-39

Az abszolút hallásról - Hir6,January,2009

Toontaal sleutel tot absoluut gehoor - Erica Renckens, NEMO Kennislink (The Netherlands),May,2009

Perfect Pitch Related to Language - Steve Mirsky, Scientific American,May,2009

Tone language is key to perfect pitch - e! Science News,May,2009

Absolutes Gehör: Kein genetischer Glücksfall, sondern sprachabhängig - Der Standard (Austria) ,May,2009

Forscher lüften Geheimnis des absoluten Gehörs - Sybille Möckl, Die Welt Online (Germany),May,2009

Das absolute Gehör - Werner Siefer, Focus Online (Germany),May,2009

Perfect Pitch: Language Wins Out Over Genetics - PhysOrg,May,2009

Tone Language Is Key To Perfect Pitch - Inga Kiderra, Science Daily,May,2009

Tonal languages are the key to perfect pitch - Hazel Muir, New Scientist,April,2009

Toned Up, Tuned In - Rachel Saslow, The Washington Post,May,2009

Learning Chinese languages makes you musical, claim scientists - Richard Alleyne, Telegraph (UK),April,2009

Perfect Pitch: Language Wins Out Over Genetics - Diana Deutsch, Kevin Dooley, Trevor Henthorn and Brian Head, Media Release, Acoustical Society of America,May,2009

Talk into tune - Carl Wilson, Globe and Mail,February,2009

Brain researchers track auditory illusions - Jochen Paulus, Southwest German Public Radio (Germany),December,2008

Music special: Five great auditory illusions - Michael Marshall, New Scientist,February,2008

The Speech-to-Song Illusion - Diana Deutsch, Rachael Lapidis, and Trevor Henthorn, Media Release, Acoustical Society of America,November,2008

Brain sees fine line between speech and song - New Scientist,November,2008

Our Brains Need Inhibitors to Perceive Speech - Softpedia,November,2008

Wiederholungen machen Sprachmelodie horbar' -,November,2008

Wie uns das Ohr ubers Ohr haut - Interview with Frank von Groteluschen, German Public Radio (Germany),October,2008

Absolutt gehør ved hjelp av språk? - Harald Aastorp, (Norway),February,2008

Wenn einmal der Wurm drin ist - Von Eva-Maria Schnurr, Die Zeit Magazin (Germany),April,2007

Relativismo Lingüístico: ¿Qué tal Suena? - Javier Valenzuela, Ciencia Cognitiva,December,2007

'A perfect pitch match.' - Excerpted from, Oliver Sacks' book: Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain. Columbia Magazine,2007

¿Cómo percibimos la música? Los Lectores Preguntan a Eduardo Punset - Eduardo Punset, 2007

Through to the next round - Marcus Low, Health24,2007

Musical Language (Radiolab), Podcast - WNYC's Radiolab,2007

¿Se encuentra el oído absoluto en los genes? - Ed Edelson trans Dr. Tango, Yahoo Salud,August,2007

'Is Perfect Pitch All in the Genes?' - Ed Edelson, HealthDay News,August,2007

'Psychologists Create Surprising Musical Illusion' - Adriana Salerno, Voice of America,August,2007

"Musical Illusions" - Julie J. Rehmeyer, Science News,June,2007

Speaking in Tones. Ni hao or bonjour: do genes drive preference for language type? - Choi, Charles Q., Scientific American,September,2007

'Behaves So Strangely' - Interview with Jad Abumrad, New York Public Radio,April,2006

'Musical Language' - Interview with Jad Abumrad, New York Public Radio,April,2006

'Do My Ears Deceive Me' - Interview with Chris Maslanka, BBC Radio 3,April,2006

'Your Brain on Music' - David Ranada, Sound & Vision Magazine,May,2006

'Music on the Mind' - Scott Fields, APS Observer,April,2006

'Prelude to Perfect Pitch' - Kate McCartin, Trenton Times,May,2006

'Perfect pitch' - Fran Kelly, ABC Radio National,January,2005

'Is It Possible To Achieve Perfect Pitch?' - Dean Edell, ABC7 KGO-TV/DT,February,2005

'L'oreille absolue des asiatiques' - Bruno Rougier, Radio France,January,2005

'Perfect pitch' - Sadie F. Dingfelder, APA Monitor on Psychology,February,2005

'Perfect pitch' - James Shreeve, National Geographic,March,2005

'Oreille absolue : avantage aux Chinois' - Pour La Science,January,2005

Musical Mandarins - 21st Century Online,December,2004

Ernest Ruiz and Fernando Cabedo Bosquet - Mundo hi-fi,December,2004

'Science in Action' - Interview with Molly Bentley, BBC World Service,December,2004

'The World Today' - Interview with BBC World Service,November,2004

'Warum Mandarin das absolute Gehör begünstigt' - Eva Hörschgen,,November,2004

'Chinesen sind die besseren Musiker' - Katharina Kramer, Die Welt (Germany),December,2004

'Absolutes Gehor: Sprache schult das Ohr' - Spiegel Online (Germany),November,2004

'L'oreille absolue : plus facile pour les Chinois' - Isabelle Masingue, Quebec Science,November,2004

Wieso haben so vielo Chinesen das absolute Gehör? - Katherina Kramer, NZZ am Sontag (Switzerland),November,2004

'Mandarin Chinese speaks volumes in giving the young an ear for music' - Ian Sample and Faisal al Yafai, The Guardian (UK),November,2004

'Tonsprachen und absolutes Gehor gehoren zusammen.' - Yahoo! Nachrichten,November,2004

'Study: Language Determines Music Skills' - Jennifer Viegas, Discovery Channel,November,2004

'Psychologists Pobe Perfect Pitch' - Nadja Geipert, ScienceNow, American Association for the Advancement of Science,November,2004

'Speaking Tonal Languages Promotes Perfect Pitch' - Don Monroe, Scientific American,November,2004

'Tone language translates to perfect pitch' - Inga Kiderra, Science Daily,November,2004

'Perfect Pitch in Tone Language Speakers Carries Over to Music' - Diana Deutsch, Trevor Henthorn, Elizabeth Marvin, and HongShuai Xu, Media Release, Acoustical Society of America,November,2004

'Can't get it out of my head' - Carl Zimmer, The Sunday Telegraph Magazine,February,2004

'The illusions range from the beguilingly simple to, as she says, "true weirdness, the twilight zone."' - Peter Monaghan, 'In the Twilight Zone of Sound', Notes from Academe, Chronicle of Higher Education,November,2003

Das absolute Gehör ist gewöhnlicher als gedacht - Ulrich Dewald,,April,2003

'Potential for Acquiring Absolute Pitch Based on Time and Genetics' - Brian Weaver, American Psychological Society,December,2002

The Science Behind the Song Stuck in Your Head - Roy Rivenburg, Los Angeles Times,October,2001

'A paradox of musical pitch' - Deborah Smith, Monitor on Psychology, American Psychological Association,2001

'The Biology of Perfect Pitch: Name That Tone' - Michael Abrams, Discover,December,2001

'Auditory Illusion Shaped by First Language' - Charles Seife, ScienceNow, American Association for the Advancement of Science,December,2000

Anyone can have perfect pitch, all they have to do is learn Vietnamese at a very early age - Cherry Norton, The Independent,November,1999

'Study links perfect pitch to tonal language' - James Glanz, New York Times (front page),November,1999

'Striking the right Note' - Kathryn Brown, The New Scientist,December,1999

'UCSD prof makes a hard pitch for perfect pitch' - David Graham, San Diego Union Tribune,December,1999

'Speaking in Tones' - Alan Hall, Scientific American,November,1999

Tone Language Speakers Possess Absolute Pitch - Diana Deutsch, Trevor Henthorn, and Mark Dolson, Media Release, Acoustical Society of America,1999

Understanding the Senses - The Cronkite Ward Company, Washington D.C., The Discovery Channel,1997

'Do you hear what I hear?' - Steven Hunt, Discovery Channel, Canada,March,1997

'You must be hearing things' - Bob McDonald, Quirks and Quarks, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Canada),1997

'Musical Illusions and Paradoxes' - Robyn Williams, The Science Show, Australian Broadcasting Corporation,1997

'"Musical Illusions and Paradoxes" will let you experience some striking sonic chicanery.' - Shawn Carlson, Scientific American, The Amateur Scientist,December,1996

Mothers and their children hear a musical illusion in strikingly similar ways - media release, Acoustical Society of America,1996

'Escher for the Ear' - Philip Yam, Scientific American,March,1996

What is Music? - NOVA,1989

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